I've got the Münchies!

Hey everyone.

My name is Sherise Alexis and this is my trave-umble-log for my trip to Munich.

I am an intn'l business/ad & pr major at RIT
I really like to travel
I've been to Brazil, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, and the UK so far
I speak Portuguese
I do not speak German (...yet)
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Sunday Morning (by Café Santai)

Hey guys! I’ve been back for quite some time, and I got lazy on posting on this, but now I have to write a reflection essay for my school and so I just wanted to note things that I remember from time to time.

One of these things is the fact that everything is closed on Sundays.

When we got to Munich, we quickly discovered much to our horror that everything closes on Sundays. Okay, well not EVERYTHING, later on we found that there were a few exceptions: some restaurants, bakeries (with reduced hours) and a sprinkling of places in Hauptbanhof—the main train station.

It’s a nice time to reflect, sight-see, and have picnics but that wears out a bit. And coming from the land of 24/7 Walmart it was one of the biggest bits of culture shock. Especially, when you’re out of food, low on cash, and faced with a train/bus running on reduced hours. (And of course, McDonalds doesn’t have the Dollar Menu here!)

It was a pain in the a…neck.

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